A few bugs I noticed

May 29, 2009
After playing arounf in Marleybone I have discovered a couple of issues that I think you should know:

1. I have noticed something about the volume of the game since AQ & MB was released. Whether it's music, sound effects or dialogue the volume seems to be extremely low. Even with my speakers maxed out the volume it still to low to fully hear.

This is happening in every world so far and I really hope that this will get resolved soon.

2. The loot chests during the Armada Fortress and Spoke encounters in Beach Head in Marleybone drop some level 10 & 20 gear. I would provide pictures but can't.

3. An annoying issue where a companion would speak to you and there chat bubble would stop player progress such as docking at areas or collecting loot from naval battles or even after land battles thus leaving you vulnerable to being pulled back into battle.

4. During the Whereman side quest there's two encounters where you are immiedietly pulled into battle without hearing the dialogue.

P.S. Love the Dragoon's and Battle Angels!