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150k Gold Vanished

Petty Officer
Sep 24, 2013
Something really strange happened to me a few moments ago (1:50am PST, March 3). I was farming Tyler in the Mechanics Lab on my musketeer, Charming Victor Nightingale. I went to Skull Island to sell some stuff because I had 170k gold and thought I had enough items to sell and max 200k, that way I could buy a Huge Pile of Treasure housing item. But to my surprise and confusion, when I got to Skull Island I had less than 20k gold! I don't know what happened, whether I had 170k originally or if this is some mysterious bug, but I definitely didn't spend any of it because I checked my notifications page.

Hi! Customer Support has created a ticket for you for further investigation. Please check the email address associated with this account.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*