Pig Crossbowman doesn't talk in combat.

Jan 19, 2014
No matter how many times you click on him or order him around, he will never talk at all. Is this bug already on KI's radar?

Jun 03, 2012
I have noticed this bug as well. After some tests I found out why he does not talk. If you have ever been to Marley bone and have bought or acquired the Crokogator companion, the lizard does not talk because it is an animal. If you have gotten or bought the horse crossbow man he dosent talk because he is an animal or is not important or critical to the storyline. It is not a bug because when any of these companions get attacked the horse crossbowman has a grunting sound, the pig crossbowman has a oink sound and the Crockogator growls like a normal animal word probably do. I see how this is an issue and Kingsisle at least needs to give them a sound. - Olivia Freeman level 65 and Strong Alexis Strong level 30