why do i always get stuck?

Jun 11, 2013
Hi fellow pirates!
i'm a lvl 15 witchdoctor. Recently i have been facing the problem of not being able to play the game again and again. its either stuck at "please wait..verifying character" or its "your character in unable to enter the game". i always seek for pirate101 support and have to wait till they reset my location. this happens with my main character only and that too very often. it hasnt been a week since i last had this problem. why is this happening? is it only me? or do you guys also have to face this a lot?? again why is this happening???!

Jan 22, 2013
dont worry it happens to all of us. there working on it right now.(they have been for a while though, but each second is a bit closer) i suggest loging on and off a few times. if that doesnt work accept it and then press play again, it will probably let you play (thats what i did) although you may not have access to a few places that you normally do. it will just freeze. if that happens dont wait for it to load because it wont. if that doesnt work contact
KI support. hope this helps

-jack nightgale lvl 42 peace!