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Third Mojo Potion acquired from Sullivan

Petty Officer
Dec 16, 2009
In Port Regal, I acquired a third mojo potion from Sullivan (or is it because I achieved level 30?). It is incorrectly marked as 'Mana' potion instead of Mojo.

Friendly Justin Everhart - Level 30

Mar 05, 2009
I got my third potion when I hit 30th level recently, in Cool Ranch for defeating the Duck of Death (just before Port Regal). It must be a Level-based reward.

Good catch on they typo if they called it a Mana potion instead of Mojo!

Chatroom Moderator - Pieces of Eight Radio
Aug 26, 2012
I got my third one when I went to the scorpion island to talk to a wolf. I'm guessing you need to be level 30 to get one.