The Badges

Jan 22, 2013
Does anyone jnow where I can find a list of all the badges in pirates101. I would like to know how many so i know if I hve earned them all.

Nov 23, 2011
If you go to your character information screen (hit "C" should do it) one of the buttons to the right of your character portrait takes you to a list of all of the badges currently in the game. It will indicate how far you have progressed for badges you have not earned (43/50 Vampire Butterflies killed); it will also list any rewards you will receive, if any, when you earn the badge.

First Mate
May 01, 2012
The only place that I am aware of is They have a lot of information about Pirate101. Trying to find it can be another problem. Usually there are icon buttons near the bottom of the screen to get information about different aspects of the game. They also have a forum that you can ask questions in and guides for you to use. I'm sure that the information about Badges would be there.