Sulll Island is on the surface of Celestia.

Sweet Talker
Feb 20, 2010
Apr 01, 2013
Well, I'm pretty sure. Maybe that Water Mole island connected to Skull Island is the Floating Land...

Be Mine Beginner
Feb 16, 2010
ummmmmm have you been to the floating land in celestia? its surrounded by water. so its not really on celestia. and theres no water under skull island. theres a reason they call it the skyway.well thats all.

-jack nightgale

Forever Friend
Sep 20, 2009
Sorry, but Skull Island is its own separate world, when sailing between worlds on the spiral threads I have seen Celestia in the distance. I think you can see Celestia when sailing from Skull Island to Mooshu?
However, Skull Island is very similar to Celestia and possibly Skull Island is situated close to Celestia in the Spiral causing both worlds to have similar environments. Another possible reason is that before the Spiral was formed when all the worlds were still joined together as the first world, Skull Island and Celestia would have then been connected.

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Jun 26, 2013
skull island is on Azteca, I mean I, I don't really see how you missed that

Cute Stuff Commoner
Jan 18, 2013
No, because Skull Island is in the skyways, not the sea.

Be Mine Beginner
May 01, 2010
Its quite simple....

Skull Island =The carribean
Azteca =South america
Celestia =Great Barrier Reef (off the coast of australia)
The floating land=New Zealand, above celestia

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May 01, 2010
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Jan 22, 2013
Chase Donnely on Aug 17, 2013 wrote:
skull island is on Azteca, I mean I, I don't really see how you missed that
not necessarily. there were azteca RUINS but not actual azteca citizens in skull island. mummys were there but you should count that there were living breathing aztecas until the shabalba. so its most likely the aztecas moved out of skull island for some reason.

-jack nightgale lvl 42