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Shark Companon, not from the cutthroat bundle

Aug 15, 2010
hey, guys. one time when i was watching people doing pvp, one of the competitors had a "Storm Shark" companion, i've been questing almost every side quest in Skull Island and i'm really getting tired of looking around blindly.... If any of you know where and who gives the companion, i'll really appreciate it. Thank you

Valeria Silver lvl 50

Oct 17, 2012
Maybe it was El Tiburon. You buy him for crowns after you beat him for the windstone in the ship. Otherwise, I don't know.

Feb 23, 2013
is it flying shark or cutthroat - cutthroat you get him in shark bundle game card - el Tiburon you get him in the crown store after defeating him in monquista in search for the valvida brothers Your pal canny hank ushawe lvl 35

Feb 13, 2009
tje shark companion comes with the card bundle cuthroagh tbundle i think

Gunner's Mate
May 02, 2009
That was el Tiburon the sky shark/storm shark companion that you can get from the crown shop after beating the boss of the same name in the scurvy dog hideout. If you already defeated him prior to el tiburons crown shop return, then simply just fight and defeat him again and then he'll become unlocked in the crown shop for you to purchase as you see fit.

Aug 02, 2013