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Rise of the Gold Monkey-Guide to Gortez

Gunner's Mate
Apr 01, 2013
This is my new guide, Rise of the Gold Monkey. It will get you through the Gortez dungeon, Valley of the Gold Monkey. Be sure to keep your potions packed!

Part 1: The Entrance. Go down to the village and talk to Aguirre. After some dialogue, he will send you to the arena to fight the first boss.

Boss 1: Ordaz. The boss fight with Ordaz is special because only you and Ordaz can join the battle. If you have a pet, it may join you. Keep your school's advantages and downsides in mind during your battle with him.

Part 2: Spiders and The Eggs. After defeating Ordaz, go back to Aguirre, and he will tell you to go to the spider's lair across the bridge. Gather 8 of the spider eggs laying around in excess (You may have to do a few battles with the spiders).

Part 3: Spirit Crystals. When you return with the eggs, Aguirre will then send you to the Crystal Cave of Voices to touch the crystals. Go inside the cave and interact with the crystals. All of a sudden, some spirits speak to you, and Gaspard De Vole realizes they are your parents! They tell about El Dorado, the Shining City, and to look for their grave.

Part 4: Temple of the Gold Monkey. After hearing the spirit voices, return to Aguirre, and he shall finally send you on your way to Gortez. Walk across the bridge to Gortez' temple (Don't miss the funky bunch next to it!) When you enter the temple, Gortez gives a long speech about who you are, who built the pyramids, why he is here, the fact that the monkeys are cowards, etc. etc...and then he sends his henchman to engage you!

Boss 2: Gortez' Minions. All you need to do is touch the four totems in the corners of the battlefield. Bonnie Anne will remind you of the Troggy Shrine in your early days, and then order you to activate the totems. After activating the totems, Gortez will drop down into the battlefield, bringing many more crossbowman with him.

Final Battle: Gortez. Focus on taking down Gortez. You don't need to take his minions out. Just attack him. But watch out, he has Relentless and can hit two people at once! Just keep attacking Gortez until his health drops to zero, and he will surrender.

Finale: You successfully defeated Gortez, but he commands his soldiers to stay at the Isle of Doom and drive out the Armada. Then, one of Gortez' archers will join your crew ( ONLY), or a water mole ally, Romba ( ONLY).

That ends my guide. Check out the next guide made by