presedio dungeon

May 10, 2013
Could someone please give me some suggestions on how to save the guinea pig in presidio. I almost finish the battle to save the guinea pig and then am beaten by a strong move by monkey crossbow man. Thanks.

First Mate
May 01, 2012
This should be on the Skull Island Message Board since the Presidio is in Skull Island.

That said, your best bet is to concentrate on only 1 enemy at a time and any area effects should include that enemy till he is defeated. I like Bonnie Anne as my second mate because of her Double Tap power. That means when she defeats an enemy, she gets to attack another enemy (if one is in range) that same turn (except when an enemy is defeated using Scatter Blast). Also, she has the Scatter Blast power which reduces the Dodge capability of all enemies affected by the blast which means they have less of chance to dodge your attack. I believe the effect lasts for 5 turns including the present turn.

Part of the strategy that needs to be decided is how your Pirate is going to use his and his Companion Powers. Don't waste them on only 1 enemy unless that is the last enemy but don't hoard them either.

The object is to defeat the enemies as quickly as possible. For each one that you defeat, that is one less enemy that can hurt or defeat you.

It's hard to help without knowing what Companions you have and what specific Powers/Talents they and you have available.

Good Luck.

Feb 13, 2009
the dungeon isnt not very hard although making it into the store is hard just watch the monkeys and u will survive. when it comes to defeated the monkey for the keys u wanna go for the strongest monkey it is a and dressed fancy. in this dungeon u usaually wanna bring group. any help?
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