Old Scratch No Good!!!

Dreamy Dreamer
Mar 24, 2013
I know he fizzles a lot witch I find annoying sometimes,but with enough training and patience he fizzles less.So he may have started weak but get stronger with each promotions.

Puppy Lover
Mar 30, 2011
He doesn't fizzle that much for me, I find him useful, as I do with all my companions. I use him when I wanna summon an army of minions in PVP XD

Be Mine Beginner
Apr 20, 2014
I think Old Scratch is not so bad, because for me even if he is just level 10 he does 1/3 times an epic hit that

makes almost one hundred damage. But still he is able to summon a skeleton warrior so its still nice, even if

most of the time the summoned warrior is just to keep the ennemies away.