No Good (And Other Companion Problems)

Gunner's Mate
Jul 03, 2011
Hello. There have been a lot of posts complaining about companions lately so I'd like to address a few.

I've seen a lot of posts on the Skull Island message boards about certain companions being "no good". Well, the reason they may not be very good is because of the talents and abilities YOU CHOOSE for them.

Also, I've seen a couple posts about choosing our companions. Whether its about being able to have a "Yarr!" Or "Nay." option when recruiting a companion, or being able to choose between a couple different companions at the beginning of he game, I used to think this was a good idea. I used to. The companions that you get affect the storyline, the gameplay, everything. I don't think that we should have a choice because then, we'd choose the strongest companions all the time and we'd never loose a battle. I'm not saying that I want to run into a battle and loose it every time but that's all part of the game. You have to loose and get angry sometimes otherwise, it will be SOO BORING!

Thanks for reading.

Rachel - Level 47