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need help picking the type for 1st pirate

Oct 15, 2012
Jun 20, 2013
Jun 23, 2013
  1. Well first don't think you should compare them to wizards.
  2. Second I love Musketeer, but you should pick
  • Witchdoctor has good magic, but fizzle.
  • Privater and Swashbuckler are up close and the people can dodge and block.
  • Musketeer have long range but enemies can block and dodge.
  • Good luck picking!
  • Musketeer OUT!

Nov 26, 2012
On Pirate101 I'm a Bucaneer. Their pretty fun. As long as you have "courage" or "raw courage". You can be a great Bucaneer! Also owning the smashy (Huge) weapons is a fun accessory. P.s sometimes I get a big head. Thinking I'm the best Bucaneer there is because my Bucaneer has only been defeated in combat, maybe 5 times. I also have some tough companions. You'll feel as if your macho, trust me. Lol. I would choose .
-The Heart Of Lacey

Sep 09, 2010
The class I picked for my first type of pirate is a . I picked this class because I played it in beta and its really easy to solo .You can steal health , have your own army , and you can finish the battle very quickly .But that's just my opinion .see you in the spiral romantic rebbeca ivring level 64 witchdoctor

May 11, 2013
yar me if you agree

Aug 02, 2013
Honestly, there is no "best" class in Pirate 101. I will give you some advanced information on the classes. Some of the abilities I may share aren't unlocked at all close to the beginning and you will need to work hard to earn them. Here's what we got.

The Swashbuckler ()
First ability - Goes into a sneak mode, which will deal x2 damage when you attack an enemy. Ends when you attack or get attacked.
Other abilities - You will eventually be able to poison numerous enemies or attack a few at the same time, dealing steady damage to each one.

The Privateer ()
First ability - Heals you, other friendly pirates, or companions. Healing increases with your level.
Other abilities - You will be able to use abilities that increase your armor or heal multiple people at once.

The Buccaneer ()
First ability - Guaranteed critical strike
Other abilities - Well, let's just say the buccaneer is designed to do large amounts of damage and all it's abilities are designed for the same.

The Musketeer ()
First ability - Shoot multiple enemies at once
Other abilities - Different patterns of where you will shoot.

The Witch doctor ()
I haven't really tried this class yet. I think they can summon stuff to help them, though.

I hope I helped!

Dec 14, 2011

if you dont like losing battles alot then be this class
features:the best dodging class
and the second strongest and damaging class
and if your lucky you can survive a whole battle without getting hit once

Jan 22, 2013
or but if you want a solo class probably or