Nanu Nanu

Sweet Talker
Dec 15, 2012
Do you only get Nanu Nanu if you are a privateer?
I am the only person who has him out of all my friends but I am the only privateer.
Just wondering.

Be Mine Beginner
Feb 01, 2013
I am not sure if only Privateers get him or not.
I am a Privateer on the game..yet I don't see anyone else that's not..who has Nanu Nanu.

Sweet Talker
Apr 23, 2010
Yes, Privateers get him for free. Everybody else has to buy him in the crowns shop.
Bristly Kevin

Be Mine Beginner
Feb 06, 2013
I have a privateer that's lvl 11 and he has Nanu Nanu and a lvl 8 swashbuckler that doesn't. It's been driving me cray-cray!!

Angel Ambassador
Nov 23, 2011
Throughout the game, each class will receive some crew free as volunteers. Nanu Nanu is one of the earliest examples of this pattern - quite possibly the first. But all classes have these free volunteers from time to time. But after the class where a crewman joins one class as a reward, the same crewman is "unlocked" in the Crown Shop when pirates from the other classes complete that quest.

There are a few examples where everyone, regardless of class, receives the same reward after completing a certain quest. Bonnie Ann is the first example. Not too many of these, though.

And there are a few who can only be bought in the Crown Shop.