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My quest disappeared!!!!! HELPPPP

Feb 05, 2014
Oh my gosh! okay so I got kicked off the game. I reloaded the game and the only one quest that was left was the status on the mine quest. The bees are preventing me for going forward. I read other postings about this and they said to continue on main quest. Well ALL quest are gone i mean ALL my open quests are gone... well sorta... this and the quest for Smith. Even for that one the only ones that shows regarding the pile of smelly stuff is for THAT cave only :((( I already reestarted the game many times. Only my main character is affected :((((( I ran all over the place and no quest available all over the world....

My alt character is fine, btw


What do i need to do

Apr 28, 2012
When asking for help with quests, you really, really need to mention the name of the quest because this helps locate where your character is and what he is doing.

Have you checked Survivor's Cave where you find Ramos, Vincente Dominico, and Gil Galindo?

After talking to Ramos, you fight Troggies and then go rescue Criado from Eep-Oop-Ork-Ah-Ah in the Sacrifice Cave. That's where you learn how to get past the bees. I believe the quest is called Rumble in the Jungle.

If that doesn't help, contact support at and they can help you either get back on track or, if your Pirate is in a bad state, put him on the right path.

Mar 12, 2014
I think you did the quest or did it just disappear