Insane resist on Fin and Marcus, is it new?

Petty Officer
Sep 18, 2009
I recently went back to Skull Island (been lounging in Cool Ranch for a month), to farm Fin for the Orchid Chameleon. Now, my level 30 Witchdoctor has a fairly strong Mojo blade attack. I was fighting level 27 Monquistan Empire ships right before I can back to Skull Island. That attack does 400 - 800 on a level 27 Monquistador, but only does about 40 on either Marcus or Fin Dorsal, level 4 bosses. So I tried all my other Witchdoctor skills on them, as well as the standard staff attack, and the result was the same. A level 7 skeletal pirate does more damage than any of my leveled up witchdoctor skills. The maximum damage I was able to do, after boosting my will by 50%, was 80 on those bosses. Is this new? Why such insane high resistance to witchdoctor skills?

Jun 22, 2009
Most low level bosses has a damage cap, on my level 50 an assassin's strike that would normally do about 800 does 66 on the first fin dorsal.