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I would like to have a Skull Island Part 3.

Oct 28, 2017
Heyo Pirate Fam!

I was thinking for our next level increase, it should be the 3rd, and final part of Skull Island! You might be calling me crazy (Because I am) but I think it'd be a good thing for the game. Let me explain my reasons why:
1. I think after us defeating Kane, I personally would like to see the storyline take a breather and stay home 5 levels since we haven't done questing in Skull Island in forever.

2. There is still a lot to do in Skull Island. We still haven't explored all hideouts in Flotsam. I legit actually did the whole storyline again and all sidequests. In Flotsam, we have about 6-7 more doors to go into. In Devilfish hallow, there are random dark areas that we can't go into (3 to be exact) and there is like a little cellar door thing right next to Chief Gunner Rigby that goes down, and finally, one unused door in Temple of Gloom. I do know that Marcus use to be in that door, but since he isn't there anymore, might as well use it!
3. Pirate already has amazing graphics, but after the troggy attack in the beginning of the game, the walls are still bad, Avery's office house/home thingy is still ripped, and there is still Cannon tracks on the ground. I think for the first quests, we should have a "collect materials to repair buildings" quest(s) and once we finish that quest, we should be given brand new graphics! Yes that is a lot, but man it'll look great.

4. It'll bring more people back to the game, and you won't need to work so hard on making a whole new world. And I think the Temple of Gloom area should be a boss the max people can farm for level 75 gear!

Let me know any other ideas
- Loyal Devin Xavier