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how do you defeat the banitoads

Jan 24, 2013
Oct 05, 2011
Hi :D
i know that there really annoying
so to kill them is to hit them a lot and each ship meat
will get a banitoad. also maybe you got bashed up
by them because you maybe not the right lvl juts saying
but if you are then get a friend to help if they got member ship.

hope this helped and good luck XD

Community Leader
Banditoads tend to bring a lot of firepower, with a lot of musketeer-type ranged talents. They also often bring along Mander-looking swashbucklers, with their own melee talents.

To minimize triggering their deadly talents, focus your Melee fighters (swashbucklers, buccaneers and most privateers) on the musketeer toads, and use your shooty musketeers against the blade-wielding manders. Mojo's a separate category entirely, so witchdoctors, have at it!

Many Banditoads also have Flanking and/or Crossfire, which gives them a bonus attack when two of their units surround one of yours. The more spread out your team gets, the easier it is for them to use this against you. You can minimize their flanking opportunities by backing up against a wall, or by keeping your crew together in a tight group.

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