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Having to redo quests.

Jun 22, 2013
So basically my friend made an account a few weeks ago, I offered to help her out and so i did. But whenshe got to the quest where you have to help the spirits move on she told me to teleport. So i teleport and i see a quest marker over Lasko's head and i talked to him and i'm having to redo main quests. I'm a level 65 Musketeer and I've beaten what the game has to offer so far and i'm worried,Could this affect my main quest line with future updates? And could an administrator possibly help? I don't want to do the quests again.

Jul 16, 2014

You are probably seeing these quests because you finished the area back before the changes to Skull Island were made. So these are new quests, rather than the same ones you've completed previously. It won't negatively affect your future progression in game, but I'd suggest completing them so that you can see the updated content. Have fun!

*Bonnie Anne, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*