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gortez dungeon guide

Jan 22, 2013
first get a freind.

second when you go up against the first boss dont hold back. use all your crit attacks, first use the long range ones and when he gets to use use the close up ones.

when getting the spider eggs, split up so you can get them faster. walk on your legs. big mounts will make you have a better chance to get pulled in.

when you learn the secret of the gold monkey and have to fight the first monkeys kill them first and save your special attacks for gortez, after you killed the first monkeys then you can use the statues. after gortez comes down only attack him. if a companion cant make it make him or her attack one of the other monkeys. for this battle pick a melee and a shooty and then you can pick whatever companion you want. after that you will get a windstone and go to monquista.

hoped this helped jack nightgale armadas most wanted lvl 42