Goronado Farming

Petty Officer
Feb 27, 2009
Just the other day I finished up the Pirate101 main quest line and all side quests (except maybe one in Mooshu I don't have one of those side quest badges and I don't like walking on those paths, I just wanna go to the Jade Palace and tell the Emperor: "There's is awesome invention, it's called Paved Sidewalks!.

Anyway, since I got the free time, I thought I could finish the beat Gortez 25 times badge and buy Goronado since I had some spare corwns, who'd make a good team with Zeena and Hawkules.

Anyone can join, as long as they can get in the instance, just comment below so we can arrange a time, and I should let you know I've done it 15/25 times already.
(I'm on US East Coast Time)

Quentin Davenport, lvl 65