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Flooded tunnels battles

Mar 26, 2012
I been doing side quests in the Flooded Tunnels on the Gold Mine in Tradewinds Skyway but i keep getting into battles and I am close to the edge, the reason is because the battleboard is too "high" for the area.

Cass Underwood L14

Apr 25, 2011
Maybe if you see them or if they hit you u should hit them or try to go away :P...

Community Leader
I've had no troubles running through any of the tunnel areas in the game, including the Flooded tunnels. It might be due to me always having a mount, or having my Pet displayed instead of a companion, but I havent gotten caught many times at all, and when I do, its usually bad timing on my part, not a failing of the game.

There are some places that they purposefully put obstacles that might require you to step out into the "get caught" zone, but again... with observation and timing you can get past these without getting caught as well.

Battleboard is too "high" for the area? Not sure I understand that frame of reference.

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