Farming question

Honey Buncher
Nov 17, 2012
I see people with these dinosaur and these jaguar and puma mounts everywhere where do they get them? In the crown shop or what? Where do you farm for them?

Be Mine Beginner
Oct 16, 2011
I think everyone gets those type of mounts from the crown shop.. I don't think you can farm for them anywhere! Sorry, mate.

Forever Friend
Sep 20, 2009
The dinosaur and puma mounts all come from the tribal card pack in the crowns shop.

Luv Ya Leader
Mar 10, 2009
Those mounts come from the Tribal Crew card pack in the crown shop.

Be Mine Beginner
Feb 16, 2010
i hear there really easy to get from it. so are pets. the mounts are rare but compared to wizard101 thats like getting a furniture item in the new pharaohs hoard pack (thats pretty much all you get in there) im going to get crowns soon and get those mounts and some pets. wont be to hard. so if you want to get those you wont need allot of luck.

-jack nightgale aka jack skullbreeze master of fire