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What Level Should I Be in MooShu?

Nov 20, 2011
I'm a Witchdoctor, and I have been working alone since the game came out. I haven't played as much as I could have, losing interest within Cool Ranch, stopping when we got into Port Regal. I hadn't trained my ship, and I'm only level 28 with my ship, but I'm fine with boarding/being boarded and decided to ignore it.

I finished Cool Ranch with ease, though the odd companion would die here and there. I am currently Level 39, and my companions are Level 32, 34, 36, and 37. I had to fight ships, and sunk them to my surprise, and then went on to fight the Governor for the taxes, or whatever it is. I don't quite remember the story line.

Oh wow, did I have trouble. I decided not to finish the dungeon, since I had too much trouble with the lower fights and didn't want to push it with the boss, if there is a boss. I lost one companion on the first fight, and then the three I had with me died with the second, and I had low health. Should I do some side quests, and buy some companion tomes? I have none right now, using them each time my companions can level up two levels.

What level should I be? Can someone help me, please?