Turtle Gizzards? O.O

Feb 29, 2012
Hello Kingsisle and Pirates, have some green tea cakes and Moolong tea. I was just watching a video on YouTube, by coolsterdroid15, which was Egg Shen's promotion. His second one, for the record. In it, an alchemist says he requires turtle gizzards. For a minute I just went, "Wha?! Those cute little turtles?!"

Sorry, sorry, I usually can stand stuff like that. I didn't mind this, I was just kinda worried about the younger players that might get to Mooshu and don't enjoy violence or anything like that. O.O I know the requirement for creatures' body parts appears often in the game (Buffaloon meat, hides, etc.), but still, kinda creepy isn't it? Hehe.

See ya in the Skyways!
Sneaky Emma Everhart

Petty Officer
Aug 04, 2010
I really hate collecting Gizzards but at least it was for Egg Shen