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Tso Not Right

Dec 10, 2008
I'm having a high level of difficulty getting through this quest and there is like no one ever around while I'm playing to ask for help. I'm a level 46 buccaneer with a bunch of companions and no matter how many times I fight, I die after I blow up the armory and it makes me start all over again. Is there any advice that can be given on beating this level. Should I level up more or something? Because it's getting to the point where I'm like super frustrated. seems that every one of the bad guys gets like epic hits ten times more than any of my characters. It's a little obnoxious.

Petty Officer
Dec 18, 2010
I'd say level up to 47, because last time I checked, I thought I saw a Talent for that level. I'm not sure (INS), but check when you go back online! Hope you make it past Tso. I'm level 33, but yet I already know a little to much of the main storyline (maybe except for marleybone and aquila)

May 26, 2013
I finished this quest when I was LV45 and I would recommend you to have strong companions for this quest.In this dungeon there was 8 battles and in the last you have to get close to Tso's dear chicken to make him surrender and finish the dungeon.This quest was also frustrating for me but I BARELY finished it on my second try (I was so happy to defeat General Tso. HAHAHA ). You can also wait for people to come along or call your friends to help you , but I did it alone. I am a level 50 Buccaneer and my pirate is called Brave Victor Silver. Good Luck to you!