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Gunner's Mate
May 08, 2010
how many times did it take you to defeat general Tso? it took me 2 times cause the first by the time I got to the chicken el toro and kan po were at 800 hp. Do you think Tso was hard? honestly he is middle to me.

Two faced terrycog 65
Victorous henri fluke 57
Strong tyler robets 26

May 13, 2011
to me it only took one try. cant remember a lot of the battle, but im a buc so maybe tso tried to take me down. you know what happens when 2 indestructible forces combine? i dont either

Petty Officer
Jul 25, 2013
Tso is a pretty hard boss, only for some classes
not for witchdoctors and musketeers (in my experience)
Stormy Blake Hawkins

Petty Officer
Dec 20, 2012
one time. here's a clue- aim for the weakest samoorai guarding the chicken because remember- tso surrenders when you threaten to kill chicken

Jan 19, 2014
Only once, thank goodness. I was the last man standing in my team when I reached the chicken. I was panicking at that point because I thought you have to touch the chicken to remove Tso's shield so you can defeat him.

Fortunately, the KI developers are merciful...most of the time.