Treasure Found

Mar 30, 2011
Was just curious about some of the the drops you have received from farming. Would like to see what else is out there that I have yet to find.

My best drops so far from Masamune
Totem - Kensei's Blue Gift - +7 Damage, Back Stab Card, Swashbuckler Only, Level 45
Ring - Life Kami's Gem - +7 Damage, +100% Damage (5 Rounds) Swashbuckler Only, Level 45
Some pretty decent Buccaneer Gear

Farming Friar Sand with my son we hit him for 6900 Gold in 1 round.

Bloody Karic

Petty Officer
Sep 19, 2010
When you get to Maruzame Castle ( The Great Tutles Back ) There are a ton of nice drops in the 5 trials with metal as the exception havent been able to get anything from that trial but 1 piece of decent gear in 50 tries ( bugged me thinks) Anyway the other 4 trials have some really nice medallions you can get for any class.
Fire Guardians medallion- ability burning palm card. Shoots out in a triangualr fashion with tip at caster.
Wood Guardians Blossom- summons treant to any open square.
Water Guardians medallion- summons blue oni to any open square.
Swashbuckler only robe that has superior healing card on it +11 agility and15 armor class.
Buccaneer robe that has critical strike 3 card and +11 strength and 36 armor class.
Privateer robe that has +11 will and 15 armor class and Assassin's strike card.
Swashbuckler Hat with +7agility and 8 armor class along with a Mojo Reaver card on it.
Too many goodies to list but once you get here you wont want to farm anywhere else.
One last mention- Heard rumor of the earth guardian dropping his hammer but i have not confirmed this myself yet as i havent gotten it yet in 50 tries.
Good luck pirate.