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The Game Worlds (Includes the unknown)

Feb 23, 2013
Hey guys is this helpful tell me a comment that it is ok it goes like this (its in order):

Skull Island: Skull Island Skyway, Flotsam Skyway, Tradewinds Skyway
Monquista: Tierra Primata Skyway
Valencia: Cant Remember
Cool Ranch: Cooper's Roost Skyway, Big Sky,
Skull Island: Port Regal
Cool Ranch: Tumbleweed Skyway, Haunted Skyway
Mooshu: Hamamitsu Skyway, Subata Skyway
Marleybone: Cant remember
Aquila: Cant remember
Polaris: Unknown
Krokotopia: Unknown
Wizard City: Unknown
El Dorado: Shining Skyway, Crystal Skyway The Island of Solid Gold!