The 5 elemental trials on turtles back

Petty Officer
Sep 19, 2010
Ok so i went back to check out the 5 trials to see if gear drops got better and OMG was i pleasantly surprised to get 5 or so awesome drops throughout these 5 trials first i started with fire and got his medallion has a burning palm effect hit everything in a triangulat radius like the musketeers grapeshot with a nice 100-300plus damage fire effect. Then i got the water medallion which summons a blue oni similar to helliphant. I got another nice piece a hat that has a mojo blade ability for swashbuckler very cool did 600 damage with it , and it has 11 agility and 9 ac on it as well. From the wood elemental I got his blossom which summons a treant to any square on the board that is open. Tried metal and earth 20 times each and have gotten nothing spectacular from any encounter thus far but am bound and determined to get something before i quit. So for any out there looking for some vast improved gear for level 45 the 5 trials on the turtle have some very nice stuff. Good luck pirates.