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Stupendor-X and Stromzilla

Jun 30, 2012
I am majorly stuck on the stormzilla quest.I know it has something to do with the stupendor-x suit.I've tryed again and again,but nothing has happend. I try to destroy all the eggs first,but stormzilla just wears me down.Plus,for me, MY stupendor-x suit says i'm a level 44 when i'm a level 49.I am looking to One-Eyed
Jack,Avery,ect.Please I need guidence on what I'm doing wrong.

Cunning Thomas Orleans, An upset Captain of Musketeers

The Go Go Stormzilla quest is most likely going to be updated sometime after the new year because we know there are issues with it.

In the meantime, there are a lot of guides out there on YouTube, blogs, and even on this forum and Pirate101 Central if you search for them. The quest can be completed in its current state.

Best of luck and sorry about the problems you're having with the quest!

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
May 10, 2010
Tips & Tricks to StormZilla: By DarthJT

1. Do not try to move more than 4 spaces, or it will skip your turn. You can move 4 spaces and attack, but that is the limit of your actions per turn.

2. Destroy the eggs in a counter clockwise fasion, lower right, upper right, upper left. If you do things correctly, you can destroy all the eggs before any of them hatch!

3. If an egg does hatch, dont focus on it, keep getting the other eggs.

4. After the eggs are destroyed, Use Chest Beam on Stormzilla when he is in a corner of the map. You then have 3 rounds to move to the other side of the map and shoot a fire line. When using the fire line, try to use a line that has no obstacles such as houses, so that more fires will emerge.

5. Try and draw stormzilla through the fires and make sure you use your distance attacks then. When he reaches you, stun stormzilla again and repeat the process.

6. You also get 2 spin attacks, use these to finish off stormzilla.

7. Try and get your pet in battle!

8. If at any time, the battle really does not look good and you are sure to lose, go to options, then select pirate. The come back into the game. You will be in the suit again and start the instance over with full health, a chance to get your pet again, and not have the long travel back!

Good luck, it can be done.

Jun 30, 2012