Stormzilla is Impossible

Oct 13, 2012
Can anybody show or tell me how to defeat the stormzilla? I have tried to defeat him 31 times and I still failed Sometimes I can't even break the egg,then my pet does nothing.Even the Fire does not work he just walks around them.Then when I use the other powers they do nothing,and when I go to attack him he always dodge and I never dodge.So can somebody help?

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May 10, 2010
Tips & Tricks to StormZilla: By DarthJT

1. Do not try to move more than 4 spaces, or it will skip your turn. You can move 4 spaces and attack, but that is the limit of your actions per turn.

2. Destroy the eggs in a counter clockwise fasion, lower right, upper right, upper left. If you do things correctly, you can destroy all the eggs before any of them hatch!

3. If an egg does hatch, dont focus on it, keep getting the other eggs.

4. After the eggs are destroyed, Use Chest Beam on Stormzilla when he is in a corner of the map. You then have 3 rounds to move to the other side of the map and shoot a fire line. When using the fire line, try to use a line that has no obstacles such as houses, so that more fires will emerge.

5. Try and draw stormzilla through the fires and make sure you use your distance attacks then. When he reaches you, stun stormzilla again and repeat the process.

6. You also get 2 spin attacks, use these to finish off stormzilla.

7. Try and get your pet in battle!

8. If at any time, the battle really does not look good and you are sure to lose, go to options, then select pirate. The come back into the game. You will be in the suit again and start the instance over with full health, a chance to get your pet again, and not have the long travel back!

Good luck, it can be done

May 02, 2009
It took my Buccaneer 5 times to defeat Stormzilla, it took my Privateer 2 times, but my Witchdoctor won on his first try, because I followed what darthjt said, only I looked on Youtube for guides and I never used chest beam.

Apr 11, 2010
It took me many many turns to defeat stormzilla having checked out u-tube and reading all the advice given in forum and this is how i did it.

Firstly if i didnt have my pet i would flee and begin again you need your pet to distract stormy while u take out the eggs. Take out the eggs counter clockwise then check to see which to rows u can light up to get the most fires for me it was one across the bottom of the map and another up the east side so it looked like a reversed L. I was lucky because stormy took out one of his own eggs and that left a cloud behind so when i ran him through the cloud it lit up with fire so i assume it was a gas cloud and stormy is constantly covered in lightning so he created another fire. I was methodical about running him through the fires one by one and at this point hadnt use any of my other buffs. He caught up with me about halfway through using all the fires and i used a slow on him so i could set up at the beginning of my second row of fires. When i was out of fires i used the rest of my buffs on him and when i had none left instead of standing and attacking i ran around the back of him to attack and found he tends to block less when attacked from behind. I beat him with 80hp left, alot of it was patience and alot of it was luck but the running to the back of him when i was out of buffs to attack i believe played a key role in defeating him. All the advice given in forum i believe is correct but its no guarantee of the win that is in the lap of the gods. I hope this helps and good luck

Oct 13, 2012
Thanks darthjt I beat stormzilla on my first try after I read this guide all the other ones didn't help me

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Nov 21, 2010
What would help, is giving Stupendor-X at least one heal ability.

Let's face it, this battle is not a friendly fight.
They make it more difficult to get to and they still will not let it move to its full extent, as they show on the map, during the battle.

I really wonder how they can say this game is for ages 10 and up.
Some of these battles are near impossible for the kids.
Tough enough as it is for us adults.

Dec 18, 2012
Took to me 4 attempts but finally did it, first 2 attempts got problems since i did not know that the max movement is setted at 4 squares, after a forum check i ended at the 4° attempt with 36 HP by following the flamer trick, luckly 'zilla missed a couple of times; beside of to solve the movement glich would be nice to have a little rebalance by or leaving vengeance strike or second chance or adding more life to Stupendor-x.

Sep 10, 2010
Hmm odd I only had to do it one time and had no trouble what so ever.

We recently fixed several things that were making Stormzilla a more difficult encounter. See Upkeep and Maintenance—Spiral Date 427020 (January 9, 2013).

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Oct 04, 2012
you simply make to lines of fire using the two moves you have, then pull Stormzilla through them, he takes a lot of damage this way. Kill as many eggs as you can first.

Mar 30, 2011
I know you said this was made easier but it is still a difficult quest. That being said, my 7 year old just beat Stormzilla on his very first attempt without any help from me. Pretty impressive.


Nov 23, 2011
Do you pick up this quest quite late in the game? I have two characters who have hit level 50 in Mooshoo, and I am not having them do any more quests until the level cap is raised, and I am wondering if that is why I have never seen this quest. They are both in the Subata skyway now.