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"Steal from the Rich" maintenance thoughts

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
Ahoy! I've some thoughts about doing maintenance to that quest. Here they are.

1. Once taking the gold from Governor Nakamura in the Governor's Terrace, once finishing "Death and Taxes", the MooShu 5 should appear & the camera should focus on them while saying their lines, E.G., Egg Shen, "Ha! We deal with devils for the greater good! Give the gold back to the Villagers, and earn the favor of the Yakooza.".

2. Once paying the last Villager in Yagizawa Village, Ratbeard's line, "Such a waste, seein' all that gold go. Maybe you could hold onto just a wee bit? You've earned it! Think of your crew!", & Bonnie Anne's line, "These poor Sheep have more need of the gold than we do. Besides, the happier these folk are, the happier the Yakooza will be.", should both be changed from dialogue boxes to dialogue pop-ups.

Those are the only thoughts about doing maintenance to that quest. Hope that gets done soon. Thanks!