ships :(

Petty Officer
Apr 15, 2010
so i just got to mooshu and all teh ship gear is level 24 and 26 but i'm only twenty (ship level) is it possible to lower the levels?

Kai Sawkins

First Mate
May 01, 2012
Kai: I doubt very seriously that they would lower the Nautical Level limits. What I suggest is going back to Cool Ranch or Monquista or even Skull Island and do some Naval Experience farming until you get to the Nautical Level you need to use the ship equipment. If you don't board the ships or let them board you, you can get Ship Equipment that can be pretty good or you can sell it for Gold and the Bazaar or where you buy ship equipiment. Also, you can get pretty good Ship Equipment for Gold at the Bazaar in Skull Island Town. I and other Pirates have had to do this. It is always going to get worse the farther into the game you go because the ships you will find later on will take equipment that requires higher and higher Nautical Levels. For example, in MooShu, most Ship Equipment requires a Nautical Level of 40 or 44 if you are going to use the MooShu Galleon 2, which is the best so far. This is part of the game and we have to figure out how to beat it.

Petty Officer
Jul 25, 2013
sry kai, but its not possible to to that, but i would recommend going to cool ranch and defeating some of the ships their so you can gain nautical lvl Stormy Blake Hawkins