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No auction drops for musketeer lvl 40-45

Dec 18, 2012
Yo there pirates , after a lot of farming around of Moshuu i finally found a boss wich drop nice things for musketeer and quite often (3 no auction items in 5 run) and it is the mighty...

stOOOORmmmm...(suspence) ZILLA!

Yes it is! Ofc the drop is for lvl 40 but for example i got both a charm and a token with Mournsong, very nice-unlimited range-dot skill!

Now the hard part, drop for lvl 45: i got some from Friar Sand (his unique tokens and a outfit with great juju), and a charm with valor armor from water elemental in water temple on the floating turtle and then nothing more, so the question: do you know wich is a nice boss to farm for no auction gear lvl 45 for musketeer?

Eccentric Roberto Bellamy
Duke of Hannibal

Feb 27, 2009
Try the wood temple and for the charms go to fire and for the Oni go to the water and I'll go to Mr. Stormy and get some gear from him! Jacob Freeman lvl 50
William Roland lvl 3

Mar 30, 2011
I have done a lot of farming in Mooshu and in my opinion Friar Sand is by far the best for Musketeer. I do not have any specific's but he drops a lot of nice gear for Musketeer and Privateer. I have sold probable 2 complete sets of each from him.

Dec 18, 2012
Thx for suggestions, i noticed too that statistically fire elemental drops a little more than others for musketeer gear, Friar Sand too, well beside of a healing charm/ring/token i got what i wanted from those 2, atm i am farming Lo Pan wich seems more jewelry oriented and fast will see!

Ehi KI don't forget to fix Lo Pan bugs when possible .

got it finally, from Lo Pan, a charm with revive (Sparquebus stone).