Need help

Aug 01, 2010
I need some help with General Tso. I keep trying solo but just cant seem to get it. I would appreciate some help if anyone can. By the way i'm eastern timezone.

Aug 15, 2012
Sure, I'll willing to willing to help. What realm, time, and meeting place?

Sep 12, 2010
Im having similar issues (posted forum board for it) and ill join/help you if u give me time and date.

Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
Welcome to the boards Silent Tim and Theo! Not sure if you still need help but thought I would check just in case. Just as Snow Owl pointed out, some of us may be able to help you out with General Tso or any other trouble spots, but we just need to know a time, date, realm, meeting location and what Time Zone you are in, in order to help out. Tim, I am in Eastern as well and could possibly help out.

Hopefully you have been able to get the best of Tso, but if not just post the above info for a date a few days in advance so that others have time to respond and further coordinate.

If you have beaten him...WAY TO GO and CONGRATS...and again, welcome to the message boards!