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My real character can easily defeat stupendor

Feb 28, 2013
I thought it would be cool to fight Stormzilla with Stupendor-X. But I was dead wrong. Stupendor-X is weak. I crack the eggs, immobilize the Beast, and try to kill him! He dodges 80% of my attacks!
When I fight him, we are both level 44 . instead of being Vs.. He has 500+ more than i do. and yet he also gets at least 10 Level 17 allies. I can easily defeat them but with pathetic countermeasures. then the beast dodge after dodge and I die and die. He should just be a level 50. oh wait, I would die every time like I have been doing for the past 4 days 5 hours. I lost 33 times. I find this Very Infuriating!
I bet my Level 48 can defeat Stupendor-X with hardly any scratches, no allies, and without breaking a sweat. I hope You! KI! take time to realize how pathetic and weak you made Stupendor-X!
D.T. Eastwick,
a nightmare

Dec 19, 2012
i don't see a issue with that quest.

Only took me one attempt and i got it done. Did it only losing half Stup's hp

KI has already tweaked Stup and Storm to make it ezier anymore tweaking and it would be a very boring fight.As it stands now it makes you have to come out of your playing style and find a different way to win.

If all else fails go to youtube and find out how to win

Feb 28, 2013
I have finally defeated stormzilla on my 81st try. I will still easily defeat stupendor-x though.

Mar 30, 2011
uh this toke me 6 tries or 7 and yes i agree it is weak and its no fair that stupendor-X is are klevel i swear if stupendor was level 50 i would kick this overgrown lizards butt

May 13, 2011
you have to depend heavily on strategy and luck. i swear, if i let my companions fight the stormzilla while i was in the robot, i would easily win (almost 3 filled pages of companions)

Feb 16, 2012
I thought the fight was kinda easy. All I did was get close and use chest beam, back off, then use laser eyes so stormzilla walked over all the fire.
Nicholas 50