Monkey King

Nov 13, 2009
I don't like the monkey king.He always misses,his accurate is 82 and he still blocks. MY other companion has his accurate at 72 and he hits more please fix this.

Petty Officer
Sep 19, 2010
Your absolutely right monkey king misses alot maybe thats why he gets second chance as an epic ability hmmm. Also he has several moves his basic staff attack rarely hits while all his other moves hit 100% of the time in case you didnt notice. He crits alot 100% hit rate and and his sommersault attack hits 100% of the time. With second chance i have alot better results so maybe choose that next time if you already havent this go around. He is an awesome force to be reckoned with, i use him every chance i can hes third in my lineup with Sara Steele as my first mate and El Toro as my second. When i do any of the dungeons that let me pick my companions its always the same 3---Sara Steele, El Toro and MK. On my monkey king i have him with second chance riposte and flanking. Flanking is probably the most underused ability and its one of the best in the game, where else can you get an extra attack in just by positioning your companion across from one of your other peeps. I use flanking on every toon that gets it as an epic ability, reason, its a for sure fire way to get extra damage in that you can control. We cant control if relentless ,35% firing rate, works or if we will riposte an enemy. We cant control most epic abilties but we definatley CAN control flanking. So with that said Flanking Flanking Flanking youll be impressed with the outcomes of your battles as the mobs fall to your chop shop LOL!