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Minion's from th' 5 Elementals

Feb 27, 2009
Avast, thar so I wonder if th' Oni or th' Treant minion be better so ye decide which one be better so people can decide which one be which. Next Friday afternoon I'll tally up th' votes so shout somethin' like th' Oni be th' best or th' Treant be th' best.

Petty Officer
Sep 19, 2010
Welll to be perfectly honest i have used both and they both hit so rarely they are usless cept for taking damage away from you and your companions. If these were meant to help you they certainly do that in the form damage sponges. They dont hit often enough, miss-miss-miss, due to high dodge by theNPC toons at level 50. So to say one is better than the other would be a lie. Neither the Oni or the Treant have a whole lot of HP either so they die just as fast as you summon them. But in terms of which is better for low level hunting both would work equally well for helping take down the hoards faster. These are not intended to do much damage at higher levels so when the next expansion comes out they will be even more useless unless they scale up with your level as well but i dont see that happening. So good luck with your tally, dont mean to be a downer i just call it as i see it. Timid Timothy Tolliver 50 swashbuckler