Masamune Goto

Aug 12, 2011
There is this one quest in Mooshu I don't quite get. You have to go find Masamune Goto in the Temple of the East Wind and then take him back to the Ashen Roads to talk to Someone after which Masamune says he is joining your crew but ends up going to the crown shop instead. I don't mean to sound rash but because of the wording of the character he should be automatically added to the crew and not have to pay for him with crowns. If there was something I missed please tell me.

Unfortunately there is a bug here. The dialog should only play for Musketeer's since they are the only class that receives Masamune as a companion from the quest.

If you see other NPCs/companions behaving like this, please let us know!

Sorry about the confusion.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*