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Key from Inoshishi Bandits

Gunner's Mate
Jul 03, 2011
Chrissy Th'Blesser on Aug 1, 2013 wrote:
OK, I just did this fight with my buccaneer, Strong Christina and she got the key after the second fight . Yea I know this is unheard of odds and I do not know what was the contributing factor. For the first fight I had help (Thank you to Salty Jack) and everything progressed as usual. The second fight I started alone as Jack had heard an urban legend that you get the key faster if you fight alone. As I fought I told him my history with my other pirates and how I always got my keys when I had lots of other fighters with me. At this point I lost my first mate (I won't mention that it was Scratchy to save him from embarrassment) and Jack's chivalry reflex kicked in and flung him into the fight for one and a half rounds. Then the fight was over and I had my key.
So if you can figure out all these extenuating factors and deduce what it was that swung the odds into our favor it will ease the frustration levels for so many pirates that have been forced to camp out in that South West corner of the Sujimura Village. I truly hope this helps someone. And if you figure it out please share it with all those stressed out pirates suffering from nightmares of chasing pigs with keys hanging all over them that stay just out of reach.
Same thing happened with my witchdoctor, Rachel. (Obviously- that's my main and highest leveled pirate.) But I feel so bad that other people are having such difficulty getting the key! I felt so guilty when I got it today because I was battling and this girl I didn't even know jumped in to help me. She said she had battled the Inoshishi bandits at least a dozen times and still hadn't gotten the key. And then, of course, after the battle she just HELPED me with, I GOT THE KEY.

Rachel - Level 40

Nov 17, 2012
I can see what you mean. It took me about 6-7 fights just to get the key. It took me about 10-15 minutes per battle, which can get very boring. I was really upset that I had to go through a whole bunch of fights just to get the key. But those fights? That's nothing. Nautical Farming and defeating the Inoshishi Bandits along the way are much more difficult. So... yeah.

Pretty Cheryl Walker level 40

May 26, 2013
I feel really bad for you guys... because I got my key in my third battle!(I know right?)After you do that I don't wanna spoil, but let's just say you fight more pigs on a tower. (GOOD Luck on the key though!) Brave Victor Silver LV 51 Buccaneer