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Is MooShu as big as Cool Ranch?

Oct 20, 2009
Right now I'm at the Haunted Skyway part of Cool Ranch, so I'll be in MooShu soon.

Cool Range feels like it's really big, with tons of quests. Is MooShu similar in size/length of time to complete?

Petty Officer
Sep 19, 2010
Mooshu is just as big and takes longer cause battles generally last alot longer with all the dodging going on and counterattacks and so forth that miss. Ive found it taking longer to complete mooshu than CR collecting the turtle balls is time consuming a bunch of smaller tasks have to be done to get each turtle ball from its perspective holder. So enjoy it tis a fun game and worth the time playing!!!

Jun 06, 2011
As far as area size, cool ranch is bigger, because it has five skyways, and Mooshu only has three.