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How long does MooShu take?

Mar 24, 2014
I was just curious how long MooShu would take? Thanks

Mar 15, 2015
I don't quite know but I think you finish it a lvl52 around that then you leave for marleybone.

Dec 02, 2009
I don't know If your in a rush to get thru or not I like to take my time in mooshu I love this world It's my favorite in wizards and in pirates it's even better so much to see and do . In most worlds I blaze thru but here I sit back and take in the sites. If it's your first time take your time this world is beautiful but dangerous . It will take some time to build your character up to a level were you don't get knocked out every time so slow down take your time and have fun If you find your self in a pinch go back and redo a quest for the points and build up slow. The next world is marleybone and your going to need to build up your character for it . Also your going to have to beat General Tso to get to the next sky way He is hard as nails build up and bring a bunch of friends This my fifth time thru so I know take your time and have a blast.