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How do i beat monkey king

Jul 08, 2016
Sep 17, 2012
My advice is to ask for help in Avery court.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
Patdog307441 on Nov 5, 2016 wrote:
I just can't beat monkey king doppelganger's
Welcome to the message boards, Patdog307441!
I suggest that you do some side quests to raise your level and use the gold on tomes to level up your companions. If you have already done this, then I suggest this basic tactic.
Use Old Scratch's Mojo flow buffs, summon your undead, use Ratbeard for his Hold the Line and Bonnie Anne with her scatter shot and Over watch.

Jul 08, 2016
Petty Officer
Aug 30, 2014
well it depends what class are you, so i'll give advice for each class.

Buccaneer - i recommend not using all your powers at once and make your strength go up with buffs, also you could get more armour and level up companions

Swashbuckler - i recommend using shadows first and then poisoning, so while you're there the monkey king clones cannot attack, and also not using all the good powers at once

Musketeer - i recommend not getting to close and let them come to you, and not using all the good powers at once. also you can raise your accuracy and agility.

Witchdoctor- i recommend using the weaker spells first and then when the clones are getting weaker use powerful spells to defeat them.

Privateer - i recommend not attacking but buffing and have your team attack, but if you have no choice then attack but remember to heal when anyone's health is almost red.

well i hope this helps a bit and also have friends to help so its easier and more fun to

happy questing!