Harp Of Harmony quest

Dec 09, 2009
Is anyone else having an issue with the Amber Horde not dropping the harp? I've fought like 50 fights and can not get it. I have no other quests, except the one that is still bugged. So I can't go on to the next turtle ball. Any ideas?

Wicked Sierra Silver lv 50

Aug 27, 2011
Nope. Did not have any problems with it, but then I waited until I had like 3 different quests that required attacking the amber horde so I could maximize the payout.I got the harp long before I got everything else I needed from the amber horde.

Oct 17, 2012
Yes, i noticed that if you board the enemy ship or vise versa, then it is rare that you will receive the harp, but once i got my friend to help and we just started sinking them it came rather quick, try to get someone to team up with you and sink them. Good luck.