Harp of Harmony

Petty Officer
Dec 18, 2010
Hello fellow pirates. About a week and a half ago, I went through the Mooshu stormgate. After that graceful moment, it all went downhill. Getting the shipment of gold from those Marylebone ships took me quite a while. About 2 days. Then was the dreaded Inoshishi bandit key quest. Only took me an hour. But now I have to get the harp of harmony from the Amber Hoarde, And it is just plain impossible. So far I tried ten ships, but my spree may still continue. This thread is for the community to help me answer one of these questions.

How many ships did it take you to get the harp?


What would be a good estimated drop rate for the harp?

I hope any of you guys had/will have better luck than me on this quest.

Feb 13, 2009
i wish i could agree with u but i am having no luck with it either what is with mooshu and having nearly impossible quests?

Noble Scarlet Aloctt 49