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general tso problems

Sep 12, 2010
Hi i seem to be having problems with the Khotan dungeon quest. Its not the actual dungeon (a bit difficult but manageable) its the fight with Tso. Its a 3v5 (might be 4 if i counted wrong) without u adding the 5 guarding the Chicken. If i am lucky and kill one of the chicken guards the spawn the next turn. I heard that you have to kill 2 of them at the same time but i dont have the time to do that. On top of that all my companions epics and traits (first strike, over-watch, burst fire etc.) all are used on Tso who absorbs all the damage. With the newest update when my companions die their gone for about 2.5 hours. That means i cant retry the fight without waiting or paying the overpriced heal for each of my companions. When i tried with my friend we both died with ease do to RNG crits from the Ronin champion. I'm a level 43 Privater and he is 46 Swashbuckler and we got destroyed by a level 41 enemies.

I understand this is suppose to be a "challenge" but it seems unfair. I am left to the following options:
1. Grind annoying Mooshu side-quests
2. Find more friends at this level (might be difficult unless i get help)
3. Find higher level friend to give me win (need more friends)
4. Quit and try with different more solo orientated class (swashbuckler 19)
5. Hope Tso's fight gets a nurf or change in future patches.

I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me in this. Either through advice, companions/strategy guide, or by just helping me in the fight. Thanks if u read this and thanks if u reply it greatly helps.