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friar sand weapons and gear

Jul 15, 2012
i must know how many battles it takes to get these i got two of the medallions and the gourds
can someone help me

two-faced matthew strongbullfighterlevel 65

thanks to the person who tells me how many battles it takes

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
I don't believe there is a solid answer to your question. Drops have a chance factor that controls what gets dropped and when. You may get the perfect think in your first battle or it may take 100. As in Ratbeard's earlier post about urban legends in boss drops, you might want to consider your technique of head patting and tummy rubbing .

Jul 15, 2012
thanks chrissy for the help I might have to use that method I think I might try it when I fight friar again

two-faced matthew stronglevel 65 bullfighter