Bushi Brothers

Mar 25, 2013
my quest is " ring the gong " in the icy docks after finding Songan Pagoda which I have done, however when I approach the gong there is not an option to ring it, the arrow pointing to it disappears. I have exited the game and come back several times to see if that will fix it. It doesn't. Any help is appreciated

Oct 27, 2009
It seems like the gong can be rung by one player, then is unusable for a period of time. My friend and I got there just as someone popped in from another realm and rang it. We had the experience you had. We couldn't interact with it in any way. A little later, my friend was able to ring it and activate the sigil but I couldn't. I decided to switch realms, and I found a gong that would ring. It worked and the sigil lit up. I agree that K I needs to tweek the respawn rate of the gong interaction box. I'm not sure why there is a wait for it at all.

Thanks for your report and the work around.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*