Ashen road= hard

Feb 28, 2013
I believe that the ashen road is not only strange, but hard. When I fought Count Brellasco de Brass, he was level 45. but when I found an amber horde troop, he was level 48. when I fought the spirits in the tower, they were level 50. I prefer soloing. I do not like using companions (except El Toro) and I have an insufficient amount of companions that are at level 50. my lowest level companion is level 42. My highest level is 50 (I do not trust Monkey king even half as far as i can throw him) My second highest level is both Gaspard De Vole (He is awesome!) and Ah Lan (Inoshishi chief for ; every one has different names) I would like to know why there was a huge jump in level between the Vortex of disruption and Ashen road. also, You guys lack opportunities of getting companion training points.

Petty Officer
Jun 09, 2009
"The Brass Monkey" isn't very tough anyways so once KI knows that you can defeat tough enemies (such as the Stormzilla) they'll make the other enemies tougher that you'll find along the way.
This happens a lot (and it happened in Avalon real quick). After you defeat some tough enemies you'll find that the enemies on the streets get tougher as well. Celestia is known as the world that "started it all" since of the new challenges that no one has ever faced from Dragonspyre.
Remember.. KI didn't want to make the game easy